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Welcome to the official website of the Adams County Volunteer Emergency Services Association.

The Adams County Volunteer Emergency Services Association (ACVESA) is exactly that, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality emergency services to the residents and workers of Adams County.

ACVESA is comprised of the members of our member fire departments. Each member has a vital role in steering the direction of the association for the good of the county. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.


2014 Firefighters Ball

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Training Center Drawings

Drawing of proposed phase-2 training props as shown at the January 2014 ACVESA meeting. The drawings show important features available for training with this design.  The Association would be responsible to install a concrete pad with support piers and running the proper electrical circuits.


Click here to preview the building plans.

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Responder Safety

Should There be a Mandatory Retirement Age for Volunteer Firefighters?

November 8, 2011

Early this year, two volunteer firefighters in their 80s died in the line-of-duty. Their deaths should start a discussion that many firefighters and fire chiefs find difficult to have in a calm and professional manner: Should a volunteer firefighter retire, and should there be a mandatory retirement age for volunteers?

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