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Fire Prevention

If you have any questions regarding fire prevention PLEASE contact you local fire department. Many of them participate in school appearences, fire extinguisher trainings, business walk-throughs, and more!


NFPAThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has compiled a large resource database for fire & safety information regarding anything from cooking safety and natural disasters to candles and fireworks. Their website is full of safety tips and fact sheets for known and some hidden dangers at home, work, and anywhere.

Fire safety begins with YOU! Click here to visit the NFPA website



Everyone's favorite firehouse dalmation SPARKY has his own website! Visit SPARKY to find out what to do in emergencies and make a plan in case it happens to your family! (SPARKY plays fun games too!)

Click here to visit SPARKY's website > SPARKY.ORG


Parents, check out all the resources from SPARKY the Fire Dog that help you teach your kids fire safety! These valuable materials and a plan could save their life... and yours!

Click here to visit the parent's section of SPARKY.ORG

Public Educators

Get the resources that you need for your education programs! The NFPA has made available documents for assisting educators on any level from preschool to older adults!

Click here to visit the NFPA website